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Why Hoopad ?

You are deserved to :
• Take advantages of economic services from Hoopad depends on your need
• Pay-as-you-go
• Control your data in a safe way
• Stay away from hardware limitations
• Take advantages of fast services and flexible design
• Monitor your hardware and software
• Take advantages of professional knowledge without investing in knowledge acquisition

What is the meaning of Hoopad in Persian?

“Hoopad” is composed of two part, “Hoo” means “good” and “pad” means “guardian” in Persian language. “hoopad” means “good guardian” and we try to be a good gaurdians in your organizations!

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We believe that providing proper and principled service is as important as delivering quality products. We also try to provide effective support to our customer 24/7.
Therefore, we are always ready to talk with you through the contact form and the following communication paths to hear your criticisms and suggestions.
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