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Data, files and content are the vital business streams these days. Organizations use data every second, every minute and every day to make decisions, increase their revenue, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, improve their products, and focus on their main business factors. Effect.

With its simple, complete and secure solutions, HoPad helps organizations access their content and data more efficiently and share them with partners, business partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

*Hoopad offers a comprehensive package for your organization’s network:

1.Network infrastructure services

• PII network services

• Structured cabling

• server room

• Data Center

• Installation of hardware

2.Design and Implementation Routing and Switching Services

• Designing Network Infrastructure and Communications R & S

• Implementation of international standards and compliance with security issues

3.Virtualization and Monitoring

• Design and implementation of virtual network infrastructure

• Implementing management and regulatory features

4.Installating and implementingdifferent types of computer networks

• Designing

• Installation of computer networks

• Installation and connection of various communication equipment