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Maintenance, Training and Support

Stay away from the tragedy with Hoopad’s support and maintenance service!

  • Training by highly qualified and experienced staff is fully functional and based on existing standards
  • Provision of trained and trained human resources to provide support services
  • Permanent monitoring of the performance of support teams
  • Use the experience and technical expertise of Hopad specialists in the best possible support
  • Troubleshoot and troubleshoot hardware and hardware resources (printers, scanners, and UPSs)
  • Manage computer systems in terms of quality and hardware performance
  • Installing and Configuring Side Hardware
  • Advice and support for purchasing and upgrading hardware resources (computer systems, printers, scanners, UPSs, etc.).
  • Troubleshoot and troubleshoot common operating systems and software
  • Managing computer systems in terms of quality and software performance
  • Install and configure your operating systems and software
  • Track technical support for proprietary software
  • Advice and support in providing software and software licensing management
  • Advice and support for public software
  • Advice on software infrastructure
  • Technical support of the Internet connection service
  • Technical support of the corporate e-mail service
  • Support and promotion of Internet connection for users inside and outside the organization
  • Support for outsourced and outsourced domain domains and in-organization custom domains
  • Support for web services and users
  • Monitoring and monitoring (monitoring) of everyday network equipment and servers
  • Track and fix network problems for the correct operation of the systems
  • Creating solutions to prevent network crashes
  • Support and maintenance of server operating systems
  • Checking the overall security of the network to reduce risk
  • Create or restrict access of users to network resources
  • Immediate action when security issues occur, such as cybercrime attacks
  • Hold weekly and monthly meetings to assess the status quo and examine the problems
  • Design and implementation of security policies in the organization with the coordination of senior management of the organization
  • Create and manage a security operations center in the network support section
  • Continuing training of the support team and providing the necessary information
  • Train network users to reduce network and security issues
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting of hardware and software networks (passive, active)
  • Managing, controlling and monitoring network resources includes monitoring the quality and performance of services, network traffic and hardware.
فرم درخواست مشاوره

خوشحال می شویم اگر بتوانیم با راهنمایی مشکلات شما را حل کنیم. هوپاد با ارائه راه حل های رایانش ابری، آرامش خاطر در زمینه فناوری را برای شما به ارمغان می آورد.

درخواست مشاوره