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Implementing Specialized Services

Hoopad is your trusted agent

Hoopad’s experience in advising and deploying specialized network services allows us to quickly propose and deploy the best hybrid system that meets your business needs, boosts performance across a variety of business environments, Reduce IT costs and provide the best user experience to your users wherever they are.

If you need to help set up high-level Microsoft-level services such as Active Directory, Exchange Server Mail, or the implementation of the Microsoft Lync Server messaging infrastructure, or if you are considering specialized virtual services such as NSX and Netscaler, The Hopad technical team is specialized in designing, deploying and optimizing these solutions.

  • Installing and launching Voip services using Cisco and Alstiks technologies as well
  • Installation of the Microsoft Comprehensive Package:
  • Lync
  • Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • CRM
    • Setting up a network under management
    • Monitoring the network
    • Speed ​​up service
    • Reduce costs on a network
    • The correctness or inaccuracy of the devices
    • The network administrator obtains answers to important network management questions through the network monitoring tool. Including:

    “1” Which service is most used in the network?

    “2” Who is the most active user of the network?

    “3” In what times of the day the network activity is greater?

    “4” What sites are the favorite sites of network users?

    “5” Is the amount of network traffic (I / O) at the defined network capacity level?

    “6. Is the ISP that we use that service to give us the bandwidth of our money?

    “7” Is the pattern for the network the same with what we expected?

    “8” …

  • Server Backup Service Preventing Network Problems
  • Server Backup Service Prevent Server Hardware Crash
  • Backup service to prevent a hard drive failure
  • Backup backup Prevent or accidentally delete files from the file server
  • Provide advice on using the most appropriate solution according to your budget and needs
  • Provide Off Site Backup Solutions (Providing backup copies of important information on the premises outside of the company’s original location)
  • Installation of a variety of SAN and NAS backup systems
  • Install and run a variety of network-level software back-up services
  • Providing cloud services on Hoped servers
  • Recovery and recovery of lost data
  • Security services create a security layer around the network
  • Control inputs and outputs
  • Eliminating malicious and unnecessary traffic
  • Traffic control and block traffic
  • Secure communication with the outside world